Hello everyone!!


I hope you all are enjoying your weekend after Band Camp. To say that camp was successful would be an understatement. Not only was your performance incredible, but you have set yourselves up to be successful because of your focus, maturity, and leadership. Lets keep this going throughout the entire season.


Here is your week at a glance.


Monday 8/1:

Tomorrow we will have rehearsal from 6-9pm. Be prepared to split off into small groups for basics, part 1 music and part 2 music. Please make sure you are at rehearsal at least 10 minutes early so we can start on time.


Tuesday 8/2:

This Tuesday is the National Night Out. It will start at 5pm. If students can start getting here at 5:30. We will be able to perform some music for the people who come out for the event. After we are finished playing you will have the rest of the night to enjoy the festivities. 


Wednesday 8/3:

On Wednesday there is a Dayton Dragons game. If you are signed up, please make sure you are there by 5pm. If you would like to sign up here is the link to the sign-up genius.

So far there is only one person signed up. We need as many people as possible for these next few games! If you plan to work, please make sure you sign up.

If you are not working the game, there is an opportunity to watch a few Drum Corps at Soaring Sounds in Centerville. Tickets are $25-$40. You can find all the information at this website.

This is professional marching band at its finest.


Thursday 4/4:

We will have rehearsal out on the field the entire time. Reviewing sets from part 1 and finishing the rest of part 1 drill. Please make sure you are there early so we can start on time!


Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

This weekend we do have Dragons Games. So far there is only one person signed up for Friday and Saturday and nobody signed up for Sunday. These games are huge fundraisers so that we can bring in the kind of instructors that have for band camp, for the season, and a big part of how we are able to afford transportation for games and competitions. 


Please consider signing up for a game! Thank you in advance.


We had a fantastic week this past week. Please do not forget that determination and drive that you had. Continue to push because this season has only just begun. I look forward to seeing everyone, well rested and ready to continue to create a fantastic show.


See you all tomorrow!

Mr. Alex Lindon 

Walter E. Stebbins High School Director of Bands



Band Fees 

Another reminder is to make sure that you are getting your band fees in. These fees have an enormous impact on the band season as well as band camp. It is the entire reason that we can have such a fun and exciting year. If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact our treasurer at

 School Concession Stand

Another big fundraiser for the Music Boosters is the school concession stand. This stand is run during the school Volleyball, Wrestling and Basketball games. These games start at 4:30 pm and wrestling varies a bit. There are anywhere from 1-4 events a week. It takes about 30 mins to get things prepped (1 hour if you serve Mac and cheese and to warm the bag of nacho cheese). We usually get out at night 9-9:30. 

We need a few parents who can help manage this stand. If you are interested at all and would like more information, please contact myself or our booster president at 




If you are available, please sign up for these games. Not only will they help with band fees, but this is the biggest fundraiser of the ENTIRE YEAR. Most of our profits for the music program come from this fundraiser. Music Program Fees will go up if we can not support the Dayton Dragons Concessions Stand. In 2021 we received $25,000 in funds from working the Dayton Dragons Stand, which is what enables Stebbins to have a music program at the level that we all love! Please everyone do your part to help continue our group's  tradition and lets get these Dayton Dragons signups filled.


Here are the dates for the Dragons games. 

July: 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 

August: 8/3, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/10, 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/31 

September: 9/2, 9/3, 9/4

We need more people to help. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

2022 Dayton Dragons Signups!

Earn money towards your Student account, to pay for annual fees, trips, and more!

3 games worked = $100 off 1 students fees. All games worked get $25 every game to the student account.

  There have been families who have paid their entire fees from working Dragons games. The section with the most workers for that month will receive a pizza party!This is a new incentive to reward those who work hard for the music program. All students MUST be 16 Yrs old or older

Stebbins Music Boosters

The Stebbins Music Boosters work hard to support all of the Stebbins High School Music Departmetns, it take and amazing effort to make of our performances be the best that they can be. The Stebbins Music boosters meet on the second Tuesday of the month through the school year. Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend and we encourage parents with children who are entering the Stebbins Music Programs to attend and participate (as much as you can and would like) in the booster program. It is a great way to get involved in what your child or children are doing. It provides a unique opportunity to see you child grow, build confidence, and learn skills in team work and leadership. Volunteer opportunities exist for food support at events, uniform assistance, prop building, and of course event day operations! Join us at our next meeting on August 9, 2022 in the band room, we look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and at different events throughout the year.

The Stebbins High School Marching Band is proud to present their 2022 competition show "A Night in the City" 

Upcoming 2022 Performances!! 

 Stay tuned for more information at band camp!

2021 Stebbins High School Winter Concert

Welcome! The Mad River Local Schools Music Department has a strong history of being the heart of both the community and the school district.  At Mad River, music is valued as core subject for the soul and is considered an important part of educating the whole student.  Our four elementary schools are unified in their development of a strong musical foundation and provide grade level music performances throughout the school year.  Our four elementary choirs are highly successful and perform for both the school and throughout the community.  At our two middle school buildings, orchestra, choir, and band programs are seen as important academic subjects and provide great performance opportunities for all students.  The Walter E. Stebbins High School Music Department is home to award winning choir, band, and orchestra programs who have earned Superior Ratings at the District, State, and National levels.  Music at Stebbins includes a wide variety of ensembles and classes including courses in theater, jazz, and rock.  After school activities include award winning fall and winter guard programs, outstanding musical theater productions, and the Stebbins Pep Band.  The Mad River Local Schools Music Department would like to thank the Stebbins Music Boosters, the Mad River Local Schools staff and administration and the entire Riverside Community for all of their support.     

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Keep up to date in our calendar / events section, it can change quickly so please check back often.  Come out and support our talented  ensembles and show your Indian SPIRIT! 



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